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Dawn of the Hat 18
Chapter 18: Raising the Shield
"They're at it again?" Some of the lower ranking Bureau Zero members were gathered around the edge of their private training hall; all focus lay on a single fight, in truth, the only fight going on at the time.
The fight in question was between Sven and Gerwulf. It'd become something akin to a ritual for them; they'd met during their free time ever since the Blue Moon Ball three months ago. In truth however that was only about a dozen and a half times due too schedule constraints; Sven was always off to war meetings and Gerwulf was always out trying to find a respectable job.
The combatants met blows regularly all across the hard wood floor of the arena; today they were going at it with fists, augmented with their innate magic. In terms of ability Sven held dominance throughout the day, however, Gerwulf was starting to get a grasp on Sven's technique.
"Come now Gerwulf, I shouldn't have to spend all my time off with this kind of thing." Sven feinte
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Return of the Crimson King CH3
Chapter 3: Meißenics SWAT IT
Three alps moved down the halls of Meißenics headquarters at a swift pace. At the head was a rather bossy looking female wearing a white dress shirt, red vest, and red full length skirt. She wore red rimmed, oval glasses. “I’m disappointed in you Julian.”
“I will give no excuses Lady Unterwald; I should have seen Sao coming.” Julian stood to the left of Unterwald fiddling with a set of keys in his hand.
“Yes, you should have. Sven’s treachery runs deep; deep enough to kill his own men.” The man standing to the right of Unterwald glared at Julian. He wore a bold red suit that matched Lady Unterwald’s with a very out of place helmet that covered all but his face.
“Lord Gerwulf I was not addressing you. My Lady do you require anything else of me I must tend to the girl; she was in a state of shock when we brought her in.” Julian shrugged off Gerwulf like he was nothing more than a soldier.
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Unterwald Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Child Under the Grove
Hours of searching castle Waldfestung had proved useless; Bauer ordered a full-scale manhunt for his daughter, Julia; three full squads of six men were sent into the forest to find her. Meanwhile Gerwulf and Aleit made for the holzelfen territories; though about halfway there Gerwulf stopped and bid Aleit to go on without him.
Once he was sure she was gone, Gerwulf pulled a pendant from his pocket. The gold pendant was circular (about three inches in diameter) with an octagonal amethyst embedded in it. The pendant pulsed softly and a red dot started to blip on the lower left side of the amethyst.
As though he were mesmerized, Gerwulf turned till the dot was at the top of the gemstone and started in its direction. As he walked Sven’s words echoed in his head. “The girl has a Tarnkappe in her possession. This pendant can track her. Just don’t loose it it’s impossible to recreate these things nowadays.”
“It seems you kn
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Return of the Crimson King CH2
Chapter 2: Botched Job
As the black limo navigated the streets Julian sat in the back sighing away the miles; eventually his cell phone began to ring. “Hello. High Judicator Unterwald, how may I help you this fine evening? I understand. Of course your ladyship. Good evening.”
Julian hung up the cell phone and tapped at the computer. After punching a couple commands into it the limo stopped at a curb about five blocks down. Julian exited the vehicle and backtracked three blocks to a quaint little open air café. Julian took a seat but the table closest to the curb.
Within moments a short, blonde haired alp in maid style waitress outfit approached Julian. Her tarnkappe was a matching frilled headband. “Hello sir, can I get you anything?”
“Milk tea and a copy tonight’s newspaper if you have one.” Julian scanned the area as he talked to the waitress; nearly every table was occupied today. The waitress walked off and returned with a newspaper an
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Return of the Crimson King CH1
Chapter 1: Collector
An alp slept on a red plush psychiatry couch in what was for all intents and purposes a psychiatrist’s office: beside the couch, stood an empty blue suede psychiatrist chair. There were several Newton’s cradles of several sizes on different shaped cradles all over the room. An executive desk sat in the back of the room with a comfy looking rolling chair behind it. Small bookshelves dotted the wall filled with books separated by category.
“Julian, I’m pulling out for now. I think we’ve made enough progress for today.” A somber purple mist emanated from the head of the sleeping alp and wafted over to the suede chair forming a young looking mara. She was dressed in a simple blue polo shirt, khaki pants, and sneakers with black socks. The mara had short brown hair and misty green eyes and her tarnkappe was a simple black bowler.
“That was a good dive Shelk. Soon hopefully we can find the source of my problem.” The alp, Jul
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Phantasmal Call Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Old Scath Block
Meißen, once the seat of the throne of the alp royal family; alas it is but a pit of scum and trash from all over the lands. Today one particular piece of scum is returning to his home in the old scath block; he calls it a citadel of faith.
Rumors of the man’s return have spread all over Meißen; he is considered one of the most powerful of Meißen’s scumbags. Though there is one thing that concerns most of the people that are paying attention to his return: he is not alone. Accompanying this most interesting of persons were two scath and a creature that hid its appearance from the public eyes with a black shroud.
“Adamask, why are we parading though the city like we own these people?” Aleit glared at the human wizard, cracking her knuckles angrily.
“Oh but I do own these people, well I own this block of the city at least. Everyone in this block has sworn their allegiance to me for protection. It’s all really
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Phantasmal Call Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Awakening
Aleit arrived at the cave about one hour, fifty minutes after leaving Adamask behind in the forest. Looking around  the cave she saw no changes to the cave or it’s inhabitants; the alp was still sleeping away in his tube and Regi was asleep leaning over his desk, giggling softly Aleit put her hands on Regi’s shoulders leaning over to whisper sweet nothings into his ear. “Wake up dirt bag!” Okay… maybe I was wrong about the sweet nothings part.
“Huzza… wha… who, what, when, where, why?!” Regi snapped his head around looking for the source of the shout. “Oh, hello Aleit; you’re back early, where’s the food?”
“I ran into an annoying little human that seemed convinced that Saorisen was about to awaken. He claims to live in the S.I.T. building and he found the Bureau Zero Headquarters.” Aleit shook her head as if it were completely insane. “In any case I came over her to hel
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Return of the Crimson King CH0
The world is a cruel place, crueler however are its people. I have walked this world for over a millennia and despite the changes in technologies, customs, religions, social tolerance, and beyond people are still the same. For now, I am dead, a shell walking the earth with no purpose, but I will return, and I will be feared.
The prophecy says that the hero will vanquish the darkness with love. Long ago, I had though Gerwulf to be the hero of legend; the destroyer of the darkness and the hailer of peace throughout the world; now he is naught but my rival’s loyal follower.
Meißenics Judicator Unterwald… I knew her father, I had him killed because he was in Gerwulf’s way to achieving greatness, and he threw away my gesture of kindness to be with her. It is, however, for the best; he is not the hero of prophecy, he is an instigator of unrest.
The hero is out there, somewhere, perhaps not yet born. Whoever the hero is I must find them and train them f
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Phantasmal Call Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Magician of Meißen
Eleven months, three weeks into the process, the scath duo were still stuck looking after the sleeping alp. Nothing of particular interest had happened involving the alp since the brush incident.
Not too far from the cavern a strange man was walking up the mountain range, despite the fierce storm that brewed overhead. He’d come to the forested area of the mountain and was jumping around like a fool, killing anything that passed his way with various types of magic. “It’s such a lovely day today.”
The man was clearly human; his hair was not very long however, the style was very sloppy as his hair was progressively longer from left to right. His eyes were off-color as well; the right one was hazel-green but the left one was completely white. Any scath worth their salt knew his outfit; the black robes he wore clearly bore the red marks of a high level scath.
“My sweet omniscient vampyre-alp hybrid, I will find you and take
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Phantasmal Call Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Rumors
“It’s been three month’s already. The towns people are starting to wonder where we live. He needs to hurry the &^$( up.” A rather irritated Regi was still working at cleaning his crossbow.
After three months only the crossbow remained in the pristine state it started some three months ago. Everything else was stained, smudged, tattered, or covered with mildew.
For each of the care takers of the long dormant alp there was a noticeable drop in hygiene. Furthermore both of the scath had become prone to near nervous breakdowns and their tempers had shortened considerably.
“Come off it, he’s not waking up any time soon; at the very earliest it will be nine more months. What news of Meißen?” Aleit was sitting at her desk carving small symbols into the wood with one of Regi‘s broken brushes; the desk surface covered completely by the carvings she made and she had to start working at the legs. “I hear it has become a ce
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Dawn of the Hat 17
Chapter 17: Night Mother
The ball over the nobles resigned themselves to bed and the guests to their embassies.  The streets of all tiers bubbled with whispers between guards of different noble quarrels that seemed to be arising; most regarding Wenzelaus and Sven. All comments hushed as Sven patrolled the streets followed by a hooded vassal.
“That was a mediocre party to say the least. I quite despise the recognition it makes my work much too hard.” Sven spoke aloud to his vassal as they crossed though the perfectly symmetrical streets past the identical homes each decorated with a different family banner. The vassal only followed bowing it’s head a little bit keeping it’s face hidden.
Sven continued to talk about this as they passed into embassy territory. Once the pair passed the lycanthrope embassy Wenzelaus emerged from the shadows near the vampyre embassy. “Sven it’s a bit late for a walk isn’t it?”
“As an international
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Phantasmal Call Prologue redux
Prologue: The Sleeping One
In a dimly lit lab miles under the earths surface a young scath was hard at work on his “crossbows” whist waiting for his patient to awaken. His patient slept in a stasis tube nearby. The patient had been there for weeks in his catatonic state.
The young scath, Reginald Gatto (Regi for short) slid a cleaning brush down the barrel of his prized “crossbow” all the while staring at the sleeping man. Regi wore a very simple outfit for a scientist of his caliber just a dress shirt and some copper pants. His work extra’s included a headband with a magnifying lens attached to it by a small flexible arm and some gloves that were fingerless at the ring fingers and pinky’s. His blond hair was cut short and his eyes held the same shades of green that all pure blood scath did.
Regi’s patient was almost his complete opposite, black hair all the way down his back unruly from the long period of sleep in liquid suspension. He only wo
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Dawn of the Hat 16
Chapter 16: Blue Moon Ball
The Blue Moon Ball is a rare occasion by the standards of even the Vampyres. Held every quarter millennia no single Reich of the Alp kingdom has seen two Blue Moon Ball’s; some don’t even see one.
The ball is a place for nobles of all major magical races to gather and discuss the past quarter of a millennia; This particular ball, the fourth ball, shall see eight vampyres, twelve lycanthrope chiefs, seventy-two scath, and two hundred and sixty seven alps.
Sven and his compatriots arrived in Meißen just after the festivities began. Forgoing the normal routine of debriefing and cool down the team was whisked away to their respective homes and practically assaulted by their servants for preparation for the ball.
For Gerwulf this was a completely bizarre being waited on by others. The servants clearly had practice at this though as they managed to work past all his struggling; they had him dressed in high quality black silk garments with a si
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Dawn of the Hat 15
Chapter 15: Induction
Back in the haunt Julian, Aleit, Gerwulf, and Jäger sat at a round wood table waiting for Sven whilst discussing the happenings of the previous night. A single lamp on the table kept the table lit but left the rest of the room dark.
“I don’t care what you say; you’re all crazy and I want out!” Gerwulf was less than enthused by last nights happenings and it was deemed necessary that he be tied to his chair.
“That was a rather irregular mission. Bauer is supposed to be able to handle things without us.” Julian sighed ignoring Gerwulf’s ramblings.
“I fail to see how important Bauer is.” Jäger shook his head. “The man listened to everything Sven told him to do including forgetting his wife.”
“Bauer is a special person to Bureau Zero. We receive regular updates on his condition from other members to make sure he’s safe.” Aleit shook her head. “We need to wait for Sven before con
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Jumbled spoilers of Evil
Spoilers of a sort:
“Julian are you all right?”
“I’m fine. It was just a nightmare Eisha (name still up for debate here XD).”
“Lady Bauer what brings you to the desert grotto haunt?”
“What I do here is not your concern Hoss.”
“Max my boy how good to see you. I have been looking for you.”
“As well as kidnapping my consorts Devil Alp Julian. Die.”
“Hey Julian let me go and I’ll return your memories.”
“G.P. we both know that that is impossible so stop asking. I’m merely here for a hat.”
“Behold worms the last imperial king is now my decoration.”
“My brother, no cousin, I shall seat myself on the throne.”
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Dawn of the Hat 14
Chapter 14: Erasing Evidence
Dawn was beginning to break in the courtyard. A slew of bodies now lay all across the once green ground. Julian, Gerwulf, and Jäger were gathering the bodies and arranging them along west wall.
“So let me get this straight, our fearless leader is dead and now we’re cleaning up what we killed in a still enemy infested fortress.” Jäger grumbled angrily hoisting what had once been a guard over his shoulder.
“Cleaning up the environment for phase three has always been an essential part of the job. We must erase our presence from mission sites. Besides, these men deserve a fitting burial.” Julian shrugged a couple mage’s over his shoulder following Jäger.
“These poor humans never had a chance. The fight was not a fair one in the least.” Gerwulf sighed pulling a guard over his shoulders.
“It’s not supposed to be. We’re quick, brutal, and efficient. Jäger be more careful with the bod
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United States


Anywho I'm reworking a lot of the Tarnkappe series. For instance the whole nightmare/meißenics alps thing will become Alps and Elbs  or Rather Alps that came from humans and the alps that 'evolved' from Elbs.

The scath and Vampyres will still exist but their relations with alps will change somewhat.

of course this is all going to be done when I have proper motivation right now I'm laying groundwork and seeing if I can't make the story come out better. look back on some of these chapters that are posted... well I just can't stand the way the characters came out. Also I'm going to try to do one story at a time but the stories may not be in chronological order as I write them.

part of this change was inspired by Overlord-J here: nightmares-wear-hats.deviantar…

Thank him for inspireing a proper series reboot. :P

Some minor characters may be phased out as well.
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